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Kin case


A new way to engage, grow, and create amazing new experiences for your digital community.  Win-Win is the cliché.  Kin is the reality.


Perfect365 is the most popular VR makeup and beauty app in the world, loved by celebrities and millions of users. Using the app's amazing technology, makeup enthusiasts can virtually try on looks created by pro-artists, brands, and the Perfect365 Beauty Squad.

Perfect365 joined the Kin Ecosystem in 2018 and demonstrates why Kin offers developers the best crypto-based business model, having earnt more than 86 Billion Kin through the Kin Rewards Engine by powering their platform with Kin.  

Active Kin Users
Kin KRE Earnings
"Users earn Kin by performing everyday app activities, and users spend Kin to redeem on premium features and rewards. It makes the app go round."
Vince Hsu
Perfect365 team


It’s game night! is the place to go when you want to hang out and play games with players around the world on video, or chill with friends wherever you are. chose Kin to create engaging user experiences where users earn Kin by playing games and interacting with each other. The app created an in-app store where physical merchandise can be purchased with Kin tokens. Users save up their Kin tokens to spend in the store. Not only do users love being rewarded for their time playing, some users have bought over a dozen items from the store!

The team have reported that after their latest update focused on their Kin integration, average user play time increased by 30% from 63 minutes to 89 minutes.

For the engagement
10B Kin
Rewarded to users
Play time
89 Mins
Average time Kin Marketplace
Up to 12 sales
Per user


Kreechures is a web game that allows users to collect, breed, trade, train and battle unique monsters.  Kreechures are unique, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) stored on the Solana Blockchain that grant holders access to a number of P2E (play-to-earn) experiences while being rewarded with Kin on a daily basis for their engagement.

The Kreechures team have rolled out a number of Kin-use cases, including:

  • staking rewards - holders earn Kin for locking up their NFTs;
  • combat - users can battle each other in a typical turn-based video game style, with the winners of each battle earning Kin;
  • subscriptions - users can purchase a “Kreepass” subscription with Kin, granting holders access to exciting in-game benefits for a limited time.

In addition, Kreechures opened their web game platform to support thousands of other third-party NFTs projects, allowing any supported NFT project to engage, train and battle each other to earn Kin and of course, all the glory! Thanks to the power of Kreechures and Kin - now many projects which would typically lack utility, can offer the ability to the users to explore, play and engage - all while being rewarded with Kin.

NFT Projects Supported
Third Party NFTs
Use Cases
4 Kin Use Cases
Training, Player Rewards, Combat & Subscription
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