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We’ve stripped away the barriers, making it easier for you to integrate crypto into your next project.

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

Kin launches on Ethereum.

Kin migrates from the Ethereum blockchain to the Stellar-based Blockchain.

Migrating from Ethereum was a necessary pursuit of faster lower transaction fees and faster transaction times.

Kin developers vote to migrate
Kin to the Solana Blockchain.

The migration of Kin apps and wallets to Solana is the largest cross-chain migration in blockchain history.

Ramp adds Kin to its fiat-to crypto platform.


Simplex adds support for Kin.


Kin Dapp Playground
is launched.

The migration of Kin apps and wallets to Solana is the largest cross-chain migration in blockchain history.


Kin Foundation launches Kinetic.

Kinetic are next generation API and SDKs developer tools which make it easy to create powerful and engaging crypto experiences for users.

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14 June 2022
Simply put,

Make Kin part

of everyday life

Welcome to the new digital economy that’s vibrant and non-exploitative.

Kin welcomes new developers with the industry's most robust technology—and most importantly, with a rewards system that pays you for what you build as people visit and use it.

Developers (like you) can earn an immediate revenue stream for your app or website in a fundamentally new way.

Kin’s mission is to create an ecosystem where value is exchanged in Kin.  Value can be anything meaningful for Kin users.  For example, a user “liking” a social media post could instead tip an amount of Kin to show their appreciation.

As the Kin economy grows, all developers in the ecosystem benefit.

Kin rewards developers for creating awesome experiences that utilize Kin

powered by the

Kin Rewards Engine





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The rewards engine measures all developers according to the same performance metrics.


Streamlined onboarding and payout processes, ensuring developers get their rewards quickly and seamlessly.


Transparent and public rewards formula which is easy to understand.

Equal Opportunity

Large and small developers are eligible to participate and get rewarded by the KRE.

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to build



We offer the best in class developer tools to get your crypto app to market.

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SDK Solutions

We offer SDKs for mobile, web, serverbased implementations.


No Code Solutions

No coding skills? No problem.  We also have no-code development tools.

Bubble / Uproll
Kin  no code demo
Developer docs

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Working on a project but want support to get it on the blockchain and take it to market?

The Kin Catalyst Fund offers Kin grants to qualified teams and individuals that can successfully bring meaningful contributions to the Kin Ecosystem.

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