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Infinity Games Chooses Kin Cryptocurrency for New Web3 Initiative

Oct 13, 2022

Infinity Games Strikes Strategic Partnership with Kin for Unity Gaming

Infinity Games, the established mobile game development company with over 30 games and 190 million downloads, has announced that they have chosen Kin to be the exclusive cryptocurrency for their soon-to-be-revealed “clashing clans-like” mobile game, BUGS.

Infinity Games recently launched a Web3 development team, appropriately titled Beyond Infinity Games. This new dedicated team will bring their significant experience in creating fun and successful mobile games to research and develop exciting user experiences with cryptocurrency. 

Infinity Games partnered with the Kin Ecosystem through its Kin Catalyst program, which supports promising Web2 teams in transitioning to Web3 by providing funding for their plans to build engaging new user experiences with the Kin cryptocurrency.

“Infinity Games has a passion for creating games that people love to play, and choosing Kin as a way to improve those experiences is a testament to the value that it can provide to any app, brand, or service,” said Kevin Ricoy, Head of Growth for the Kin Foundation, “This new game will serve as a flagship integration of the Kin Unity SDK, showcasing the power of Kin to supercharge user experiences within the mobile gaming space.”

Infinity Games has chosen to build with Kin for a number of valuable benefits that it provides:

  • Easy-to-integrate tools and SDKs take the complexity out of blockchain development.

  • The Kin model rewards app developers with a weekly revenue stream through the Kin Rewards Engine based on the amount of Kin usage within their app.

  • End-users also benefit by receiving in-app rewards with real value which they can spend in over 50+ applications within the Kin Ecosystem, including at sites like 

“The Kin model creates an environment where users are true partners in a game’s success,” said Muhammad Satar, CEO of Infinity Games, “We are aligning the experience in Web3 provided by Kin, and the game development skills provided by Infinity Games to create something new and exciting that is "Beyond Infinity Games".”

Infinity Games will also be experimenting with Kin for future games that it may publish through Beyond Infinity Games, so gamers and Kin users can stay tuned for more exciting developments as this partnership continues to develop into the future. 

Beyond Infinity Games logo

Gamers can expect BUGS to be available in App Stores in early 2023.

About Kin

Kin gives everyone skin in the game–making it easy for apps and brands to reward users and create exciting experiences with cryptocurrency, all while generating new streams of revenue for themselves. Tearing down barriers to crypto development, Kin is leading the Web3 revolution by empowering platforms and their users to forge mutually beneficial relationships. Win-win is a cliché–Kin is the reality. Visit to learn more.

About Infinity Games

Infinity Game’s mission is to build stress-reducing gaming experiences through minimalism and immersion. Based in Portugal, with a talented team of 25 and summing more than 190 million downloads on Android and iOS, Infinity Games envisions a world where gaming is the people’s gateway to relaxation. You can visit their website at to learn more and play their current games here:

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