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Introducing Kin SDK-Less Transactions

Mar 3, 2022

Allowing Any App to Join The Kin Ecosystem

The Kin Foundation is excited to announce a new technological development that will enable even more apps and developers to easily integrate Kin and join a growing Web3 ecosystem on Solana. 

Introducing Kin SDK-less implementation - allowing any (approved) app to implement Kin without the explicit use of Kin SDK’s, enabling such apps to be eligible for rewards from the Kin Rewards Engine (KRE).

Historically, Kin is known as a general purpose cryptocurrency with a number of SDK options that mobile and web app developers can choose from, to easily incorporate a variety of earn/spend/hold use cases for KIN inside their apps. 

The SDK’s track each app’s contributions to the Kin Economy, which in turn determines their level of rewards from the Kin Rewards Engine. 

Based on market demand, there has been a recent need to evolve the “exclusive Kin-SDK first” strategy - considering the following factors: 

  1. Allowing any (approved) app to implement Kin without explicit use of Kin SDK’s - enabling them to generate rewards from the KRE (Kin Rewards Engine).
  2. On-board a segment of apps that want to focus on the consumptive use of Kin as a “purchase currency” for services/goods, and not just as an in-app currency that is natively earned/spent.

The SDK-less transactions now allow any app developers (mobile|web|game|NFTs etc) to benefit from the Kin Rewards Engine (KRE) without having to use any of the Kin SDKs or connect to the Kin API (Agora).

This new development capability will expand the possibilities for new categories of apps that want to integrate Kin and benefit from the Kin Rewards Engine, while leveraging external wallets such as Phantom or Solflare

Kreechures is among the first Kin Ecosystem apps to take advantage of this new offering! 

How it works

In order to participate in the Kin Rewards Engine (KRE) without using our SDKs, a developer needs to structure their KIN transactions in the proper format such that they will be recognized by the ‘KIN Ingester’. 

A transaction on Solana consists of one or more instructions, whichis where developers need to align with our standard that is detected by the Kin Ingester.

Transaction structure:
  • 1: A memo instruction with an encoded payload that contains the appIndex and the type of transaction (Earn/Spend/P2P).
  • 2: A createTransfer instruction that sends an amount of KIN from the sender to the destination.
  • Any additional instructions.

In the above structure, only instructions 1 and 2 are required and need to be in this order. 

If you’re more of a hands-on learner, we have you covered! We’ve created an SDK-less tutorial which showcases the entire development process from start to finish.

You can even utilize the new Kin Laboratory to test it out for yourself and ensure that the transactions work smoothly! 

We’re incredibly excited to welcome even more Kin use-cases and apps towards the growth of the Kin Economy with the introduction of this new SDK-less capability. 

If you’re a developer looking to build with Kin & utilize the SDK-less capability, we encourage you to join the Developer Discord where you’ll also find a specific sdk-less channel.

Happy building Kin Community!

About Kin

Kin is a decentralized cryptocurrency purposely designed to integrate easily across mobile and web apps, with a built-in incentive model that rewards developers for increased usage. Apps built with Kin get paid for creating compelling cryptocurrency-based user experiences, where greater engagement results in shared economic benefits for users and developers. Today, the Kin Ecosystem boasts 60 million wallets, and has distributed over $70M in rewards across 60+ apps since its inception in 2017. Kin is an SPL token on the Solana blockchain, enabling consumer-scale apps to transact swiftly, with minimal-to-no fees. Learn more at

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