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Introducing The Kin DApp Playground

Mar 31, 2022

Interact With All Kin SDKs & Developer Tools In One Place

Kin offers a wide range of mobile and web SDKs for developers to use in creating their applications. As such, it can be a challenge to understand how use-cases can differ between the SDKs and get a firm grasp of the methods available to each.

To make it easier for developers to avoid this particular pitfall, we’re excited to announce the Kin DApp Playground!

The Kin DApp Playground is split into three sections, one each for a different way of using Kin in applications: 

  1. Backend Server via Kin Server SDK (Node, Go, Python)
  2. Web DApp via Kin Web SDK
  3. Web DApp via SDK-less

Each section will walk you through the steps necessary to get a registered app up and running so that you can start making transactions that are recognised by the Kin Rewards Engine (KRE) as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve decided what kind of app you are making, the Kin DApp Playground will give you the chance to trigger a range of actions, including wallet creation, balance checks and Kin transfers. Each action has links to relevant documentation, explaining key concepts, and also links to code examples so you can see the code in-context.

Register App Index - Example

P2P Transaction - Example

Getting Started

Jumping into the Playground couldn’t be easier. Just pull down our repo from GitHub and follow the instructions in the ‘README’ section. Prerequisites are explained there but - TLDR -  basically you’ll need to have registered an app on the Kin Developer Portal first. 

For Web SDK DApps and SDK-less DApps, the Playground is all you’ll need. But, testing one of our backend SDKs, you’ll need to be running a server that implements that SDK. Speaking of which!

Kin Node SDK Demo

Our new Kin Node SDK Demo implements all of the server code you’ll need to carry out all of the various actions the SDK permits and is designed to work seamlessly with the DApp Playground.

It’s a great way to see the code in context, from instantiating the Kin client with your app index to carrying out transactions with Kin that are picked up by our KRE. 

We’ll also show you how to set up your webhooks for approving transactions and receiving events if you’ve added them on the Developer Portal.

We’ve gone live with this Node demo now, but excitingly, Python and Go demos are also in the pipeline.

So there you go! Some great new tools to help Kin developers get started as quickly as possible. If you have any issues, questions or requests for additional functionality, drop by our Kin Developer Community Discord and add a message to our kin-starters channel.

Happy building Kin developer community!

About Kin

Kin is a decentralized cryptocurrency purposely designed to integrate easily across mobile and web apps, with a built-in incentive model that rewards developers for increased usage. Apps built with Kin get paid for creating compelling cryptocurrency-based user experiences, where greater engagement results in shared economic benefits for users and developers. Today, the Kin Ecosystem boasts 60 million wallets, and has distributed over $70M in rewards across 60+ apps since its inception in 2017. Kin is an SPL token on the Solana blockchain, enabling consumer-scale apps to transact swiftly, with minimal-to-no fees. Learn more at

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