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Kin Newsletter - November 2021

Nov 18, 2021

During the month of October, the Kin Ecosystem totalled 11,505,340  transactions, averaging 371,140 transactions per day.  Kin closed the month of October with roughly 813,672 monthly active users and over 62,936,420,307 active user balance across 19 total apps.

Kin Online Community Update Q1 – Q3 2021: +33% Growth!

The Kin Ecosystem continues to experience community growth and a steady influx of new followers across the board. The Kin Ecosystem’s Twitter account remains the highest followed social media platform with over 11,000 new followers since April – followed closely by Blockfolio & Reddit.

Attention to Kin continues to trend upwards on cryptocurrency tracking and ranking sites like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, with over 38,000+ new followers adding Kin to their watchlists since April. Community run platforms such as the Kin Discord more than tripled its members since earlier this year. Read our full community online update here!

3 New Apps Join The Kin Ecosystem

The Kin Foundation is excited to announce three upcoming mobile and web apps that will be joining the ecosystem with brand new use cases for Kin.

Kurobi is the brainchild of a recent Solana hackathon-winning team. It was created to give experts, influencers, coaches, mentors and virtually any content creator limitless freedom to earn cryptocurrency for their time & services.

Splash is a new app from the minds of former Flipagram and ByteDance team members, designed to reward users with Kin. Inspired by the accessibility of Pi Network, Splash allows users to earn cryptocurrency with fun gamification elements and eye-popping visuals. is a web-based widget that allows users to earn cryptocurrency while browsing sites & through surveys within its partner network, and spend on useful items within its marketplace such as discounts on popular apps like Uber, Wish, Cabify and more.

Learn more about how Kurobi, Splash & Tegger will be integrating Kin in our full blog post!

Kin Joins Solana NFT Space with New Games, Apps, and Marketplaces

Kin continues to grow its footprint in all aspects of Web 3.0 by adding yet another way for apps and brands to engage their consumer audiences – NFTs. The Kin Ecosystem is now home to a vibrant array of NFT initiatives and projects being launched with Kin, all of them contributing to a giant tokenized economy.

Here are some of the latest NFT related updates from around the Kin Ecosystem:

  • Kreechures Launches Play-to-Earn RPG with Collectible NFTs
  • Shiny Announces the First NFT Marketplace Using KIN
  • Planning New Updates and NFTs with Kin
  • Madlipz Bridges Meme Culture and NFTs with Kin
  • Targets Indian Market with Sports NFT Platform

Kin Attends Solana Breakpoint Conference

The Kin Foundation’s head of growth, Kevin Ricoy, and Chief Technology Lead Bram Borggreve were boots down in Lisbon for the first Solana Breakpoint conference.

Kevin and Bram met various Kin Ecosystem developers, new potential partners, Solana community players, celebrating the vibrancy of both the Solana and Kin ecosystems, and discussing the future of Web3.

Bram was featured on a panel discussion alongside Audius and Chingari, discussing the history of Kin’s migration to Solana, the reasoning behind it, the role Kin plays within Solana as an app multiplier, along with Kin’s prominence in the Web3 ecosystem as a whole.  

"Kin is not just one App. Kin is a utility, enabling many Apps. Kin is an App multiplier." - Bram Borggreve, Kin Foundation Chief Technology Lead

You can view the entire Solana breakpoint panel discussion featuring Bram in the recording here - starting at 02:58:53.

Kin Advocates Voices: Content Series

Kin Advocates Voices is a collection of stories told by Kin OG’s and influential advocates.  We highlight their discovery of Kin, their achievements, why they became supporters, and their journey in the Kin community.

We were incredibly excited to feature Rachel van Alphen as the first Kin Advocate to be highlighted as part of this ongoing content series, showcasing the many roles she fills in the Kin community, sharing her journey in cryptocurrency, and how she became involved with Kin.

Kin x Raydium: Liquidity Pools & Yield Farming Launch

Following popular demand, the Kin Foundation announced the return of KIN liquidity pools & yield farming via Raydium.

Kin and Ray holders can add their tokens to a Fusion Pool to provide liquidity via the Serum DEX. In return, liquidity providers will receive trading fees in addition to dual yield in both KIN and RAY paid out by the KIN-RAY LP Farm. To get started with the KIN-RAY LP Farm, check out the Raydium Pools.

Invezz Features Kin Ecosystem Joining Solana NFT Space features Kin in an article highlighting how the ecosystem is entering the Solana NFT space by integrating NFTs into app experiences to increase the value Kin provides users in yet another innovative use case.

“Kin, a decentralized cryptocurrency purposely designed to integrate easily across mobile and web apps, has added NFTs to help apps and brands drive consumer engagement. Now, the Kin Ecosystem hosts a vibrant array of NFT initiatives and projects, all of which contribute to a giant tokenized economy” – says Daniela Kirova.

Read the full feature here.

More Awesome Kin News:

KRE Top Earners - Monthly Highlight

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About Kin

Kin is a decentralized cryptocurrency purposely designed to integrate easily across Mobile and Web Apps, with a built-in incentive model that rewards developers for increased usage. Apps built with Kin get paid for creating compelling cryptocurrency-based user experiences, where greater engagement results in shared economic benefits for users and developers. Today, the Kin Ecosystem boasts 60 million wallets, and has distributed over $70M in rewards across 60+ apps since its inception in 2017. Kin is an SPL token on the Solana blockchain, enabling consumer-scale apps to transact swiftly, with minimal-to-no fees. Learn more at

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