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Popular App Swelly Rejoins The Kin Ecosystem

Jun 6, 2022

Allows Users to Earn Kin by Sharing Opinions or Voting on Polls

Swelly is back! The popular social network is not only re-launching but also re-joining the Kin Ecosystem! 

Swelly is a social network and chatbot which allows users to share their opinion with a worldwide community and get feedback on their inquiries within seconds. Swelly has created the simplest possible solution for decision-making - users are able to quickly get feedback via surveys and help others with their daily choices. 

What started as a photo app, grew into a multi-platform social network that has helped millions of people make better decisions. Swelly has recently been acquired and the new owners will be re-launching in the coming weeks, along with bringing back their token economy with the Kin cryptocurrency!

Whether you’re a conscious consumer looking for advice on which outfit to wear, which NFT project you should join, or you’re a brand hoping to gauge a better understanding of what your community wants, Swelly provides a quick, easy, and fun to use platform for better decision making.

“We wanted to reward our users for their time using our product, and found that Kin was the perfect way to give our users with something of real value rather than our own internal points system”

– Lewis Knell, Swelly CPO

Getting Started With Swelly

Swelly has designed their survey/feedback system to be as simple as possible, featuring a standardized image based “this or that” format, which is called a “Swell”. Users and brands alike can create Swells and post them publicly, or alternatively by targeting specific demographics in order to crowdsource opinions.

Swelly users will soon be able to earn Kin by voting on Swells, along with daily challenge & boosted polls. Users will be able to spend Kin in-app by boosting their polls, gifting/tipping other users, and eventually purchasing various vouchers.

“We are primarily targeting Gen Z users, and found crypto payouts to be a real incentive for this demographic, making partnering with Kin a no-brainer”

– Lewis Knell, Swelly CPO

The maximum number of Kin available for each Swell is determined by the user who uploaded it (based on how many votes they’d like to collect). Swelly will exist both as an independent application, and on multiple chatbot platforms such as Facebook, Kik, & Telegram. 

Swelly’s launch with Kin is targeted for late June, which will allow users to begin earning and spending Kin! 

Make sure to follow Swelly on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | to stay up-to-date with their developments.

About Kin

Kin is a decentralized cryptocurrency purposely designed to integrate easily across mobile and web apps, with a built-in incentive model that rewards developers for increased usage. Apps built with Kin get paid for creating compelling cryptocurrency-based user experiences, where greater engagement results in shared economic benefits for users and developers. Today, the Kin Ecosystem boasts 65 million wallets, and has distributed over $70M in rewards across 80+ apps since its inception in 2017. Kin is an SPL token on the Solana blockchain, enabling consumer-scale apps to transact swiftly, with minimal-to-no fees. Learn more at

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